REVIEW: Beheaded – Never to Dawn

Never to Dawn
(Unique Leader Records, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Finally, the new BEHEADED stuff reaches our ears. One primary care is essential: knowing that it’s an album of transition. Stylistic transition, to be more exact. Everyone knows that, in the previous works, BEHEADED always performed a kind of music that can – without any inconvenience – be described as orthodox BDM in the vein of SUFFOCATION and the like. But now – unfortunately for some – it’s a different story. For some reason, the band found it more productive to fuse their sound to a huge dose of traditional death metal à la Vader (phase post-Impressions In Blood), creating an interesting hybrid to less radical ears. And the result is devastating and incredibly functional. In fact, the traditionally brutal riffage of the band is perfectly formatted for the “vaderyzed” guitar blows that now permeate the songs.

The vocals have changed a lot, however, are perfectly fitted with the new approach. The drum work remains pretty solid, alternating strafed blastbeats with more “rhythmic” parts (by the BDM standards, of course). The bass lines are discrete, forming a sufficiently intense basis for the other instrumentalists.

I liked all the songs. All are intense and well above the average of what you hear out there. BEHEADED changed their style, but did not loose conviction in the fact that death metal need to be hostile and aggressive. The entire CD proves it.

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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