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Guttural Death LogoThis is your no.1 source for guttural, brutal death metal and grindcore from around the world, both underground and mainstream.

GUTTURAL DEATH is based in Sweden, with staff members from Germany, Austria, USA and Brazil, and supports local/foreign signed and unsigned bands, and labels all over the globe who’s digging up into brutal death metal/goregrind.

First and foremost, GUTTURAL DEATH is a website dedicated to death metal and brutal death metal news. Our first goal is to bring you the NEWS, but we will also review your material and get you an interview. The main goal of this site is to spread brutality sickness.

History of the Guttural Death!

GUTTURAL DEATH had gone through many names (among Decayed Metal and Violent Headache), writers and layouts, before Johan Kerrighen, Dennis Östlund and Alexander Roth finally decided on GUTTURAL DEATH and its direction.

Via Marc from UK based Wretched Decay Records, Johan came in contact with Antonio Jose Bresci, who quickly joined the staff and started to review.

Not long after that Antonio had begun writing for GUTTURAL DEATH, Johan also came in contact with Johannes Schmailzl. Although he initially began to review records, he has also done great work for the site with news updates and some design work. At this time Arvin Palma, from Tortured Palm Art, (who also came recommended by Marc and WDR) made the logo. When Nev started interviewing bands, things seriously took on a life of its own. With this Staff, GUTTURAL DEATH are ready for world domination!

And the rest is history…

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