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New releases


  • Aruna Azura “A Story Of A World’s Betrayal” CD
  • Blood Red Throne “Blood Red Throne” CD
  • Deranged “Morgue Orgy” MCD
  • Disfigured Dead “Relentless” CD
  • Forceout “Delusion” CD
  • Instorm “Madness Inside “ CD
  • Locus Titanic Funus “Castus Lacrima” CD
  • Munruthel “Creedamage” 2012 CD
  • Munruthel “Creedamage” Digi CD
  • Munruthel “Epoch of Aquarius” 2012 CD digi
  • Paganland “Wind of Freedom” CD
  • Svyatogor “Doctor Veritas” 2012 CD
  • Thunderkraft “Totentanz” CD
  • Ungrace “Feed The Demons” CD
  • Waco Jesus “Mayhem Doctrine” CD


  • Abdicate “Fragmented Atrocities” CD
  • Azrath-11 –“Ov Tentacles And Spirals” CD
  • Black Diamond “Last Man Standing” CD
  • Boal (Hol) “The Deranged EP” MCD
  • Brutart “Mimic” Digi book CD
  • Carignan “Mastubatorium” CD
  • Carpathian Funeral “The End Of God” CD
  • Cerebral Incubation “Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication” CD
  • Coma “Mindless” CD
  • Dickless Tracy “Halls Of Sickness” CD
  • Gonoba “Endless Cycles” CD
  • Hammered “The Beginning” CD
  • Hell’s Thrash Horsemen “… Till Violence” CD
  • Highlord “The Warning After” CD
  • Infidia “Reflections” CD
  • Karma Rage “soCium” CD
  • Edvain “2012” CD
  • Mind Affliction “Pathetic Humanity” CD
  • Vadikan “Hydrargyrum” CD
  • Deathember Flower “Architect” CD
  • Kreation Kodex “Puzzles Of Flesh” CD
  • Lethargia “Divine Madness” /CD/
  • Mesmerize “Paintropy” CD
  • Metalsteel “Entertainment” CD
  • Metalsteel “Entertainment” Digi CD
  • Omnihility “Biogenesis” CD
  • Sarcasm “Revolt.” CD
  • Tomcat “Bits N’ Pieces” CD
  • True / Dickless Tracy “Live Split” 7”ep
  • Ultra-Violence “Privilege To Overcome” CD
  • Vermin “Plunge Into Oblivion” CD
  • Vulvathrone “Passion Of Perversity” CD
  • Vulvectomy “Abusing Dismembered Beauties” CD


  • Azrath-11 –“Ov Tentacles And Spirals” CD
  • Coma “Mindless” CD
  • Hammered “The Beginning” CD
  • Hell’s Thrash Horsemen “… Till Violence” CD
  • Highlord “The Warning After” CD
  • Mesmerize “Paintropy” CD
  • Ultra-Violence “Privilege To Overcome” CD
  • Vermin “Plunge Into Oblivion” CD


  • Abnormality “Contaminating The Hive Mind” CD
  • Amputated “Gargling With Infected Semen” CD
  • Carnivore Diprosopus “Condemned By The Alliance” CD
  • Christ Denied “Drink… Drink The Blood!” CD
  • Colonize The Rotting “Composting The Masticated” CD
  • Cranial Osteotomy “Victim Of Wicked Sickness” CD
  • Goemagot ”Eradication Of Insignificant Beings” CD
  • Houwitser “Moscow Atrocity” DVD
  • Hyonblud ”Chaos From World Orgasm” CD
  • Plague Angel “Stagnation Of Christ” CD
  • Regurgitate Life ”The Human Complex” CD
  • Sapanakith “Collapsing Of Immortal Traditions” CD
  • Seplophile ”Mesonoxian” CD
  • Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement ”Resuscitating The Vile” CD


  • Retaliation “Exhuming The Past-14 Years Of Nothing” CD
  • Hellbastard “The Need To Kill” CD
  • Blood I Bleed / Massgrav “Split CD” CD
  • Unholy Grave “Grind Killers” CD
  • Calm Hatchery “Sacrilege Of Humanity” CD
  • Squash Bowels “Tnyribal” digi CD
  • Decrepitaph “Forgotten Scriptures” CD
  • Skeletal Specture “Occult Spawned Premonitions” CD
  • Pyrrhon “An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master” CD
  • Encoffination “O’ hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres” CD
  • Scaremaker /Crypticus” split CD
  • Usurpress “In Permanent Twilight” CD
  • Unburied “Murder 101” CD
  • Prophecy Of Doom “Total Mind War” CD
  • Antigama “Stop The Chaos” CD
  • Catheter “Southwest Doom Violence” digi CD
  • Usurpress “Trenches Of The Netherworld” CD
  • Massgrav “Still The Kings” CD
  • Mashachist “Scorned” CD
  • Megascavenger “Descent Of Yuggoth” CD
  • Terminate “Ascending To Red Heavens” CD


  • Dead Beyond Buried “The Dark Era”
  • Aborted Fetus “Goresoaked Clinical Accidents”


  • Lunarsea “Route Code Selector” CD
  • Invernus “Invernus”
  • Torture Division “With Endless Wrath We Bring Upon Thee Our Infernal Torture” CD
  • Hellstorm “Into The Mouth Of The Dead Reign” CD
  • Phobic “The Holy Deceiver” CD
  • Lunarsea “Hydrodynamic Wave” CD


  • Sexual Atrocities “Planet Of The Rapes” CD
  • Cystic Dysentery “Culture Of Death” CD
  • Cerebral Incubation “Gonorrhea Nodule Mastication” CD
  • Omnihility “Biogenesis” CD
  • Manticore “Behold The Ascension Of The Execrated” CD
  • Meathook “Facing Deformity” CD


  • RazorRape “Revenge of the Hermaphrodite Whores” CD
  • Lenny Blade “Taipei Nights” MCD digi


  • Horde Casket “Slab of Infinite Butchery”
  • Putrid Pile “Live At Obscene Extreme 2011” DVD
  • Gore Inhaler “Welcome To Zombieland” CD
  • Afflictive Emasculation “Obscure Slam Vomition” CD
  • Decomposed “Desecrating The Divine” MCD
  • Inferia “No Sperm Shall Be Spared” CD
  • Necrotorture “Gore Solution” CD
  • Unfathomable Ruination “Misshapen Congenital Entropy” CD
  • Habitual Defilement “The Redemption Of Past Supremacy” CD
  • Baphomet “Death In The Beginning” CD
  • Sarcophagy “The Onset Of Torture” CD
  • Pathology “Age Of Onset”
  • Pathology “Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery” digipack
  • Engorgement “Excruciating Intestinal Lacerations”
  • Septycal Gorge “Growing Seeds Of Decay” digi
  • Execration “The Acceptance Of Zero Existence”
  • Dimicandum “The Legacy Of Gaia”
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