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Amoeba – Counterweight (Self Release; 2014) I´ve waited quite a while for this album and now that it´s here – I can´t stop listening to it. This album nails what modern melodic technicality and deathmetal is supposed to be. Fast, blasting and a musical artwork in itself. As you might have guessed by now – […]


Nephrectomy – Interspecies Bondage (Morbid Generation Records; 2014) Feels good to be back. For everyone who thinks that the new Nephrectomy CD is pure slam – no, it really is not. Far from it actually. It´s pretty much exactly what the album cover tells your musical sense to think – groovy Slamgrind. And that’s pretty much […]

REVIEW: Precognitive Holocaust Annotations – Annunciation of Extermination

Precognitive Holocaust Annotations Annunciation of Extermination (Permeated Records, 2013) Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal A band consisting out of members from DEFEATED SANITY, INDECENT EXICISION and VOMIT THE SOUL has to be good right? Wrong. It doesn’t has to be good necessarily – but in this case it’s brilliant and even though I love all […]

REVIEW: Meshiha – Commence the Suffering

Meshiha Commence the Suffering (Permeated Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal What do you get when putting some old members from DEVOURMENT together in a new txdm band with a somehow “christian” theme? Exactly, MESHIHA. I usually don´t like reviewing single songs because they just don’t give me a valid source for what the band […]

REVIEW: Homicide – They Work for Me (Reissue)

Homicide They Work for Me (Wretched Decay Records, 2013) Genre: Death Metal Firstly, I must register here that this is not an actual release of 2013. In fact, this CD is a reissue of a true classic of the south american extreme metal, which now reaches our ears by virtue of the excellent work of […]

REVIEW: Drift of Genes – Excruciating Severe Laceration

Drift of Genes Excruciating Severe Laceration (Eclectic Productions, 2012) Genre: Brutal Death Metal Brutal Death Metal coming from Ukraine and done by two abnormal dudes nicknamed Spasm (guitars, bass and vox) and Kim (drums). Seeing the front cover and hearing the first few seconds of this recording, I immediately thought: “another derivative BDM name, inspired […]

REVIEW: Abdicate – Fragmented Atrocities

Abdicate Fragmented Atrocities (Sevared Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal I didn’t just wait for this album, I was begging for it to be on Bandcamp, Amazon or any other digital platform. But after 3 weeks of waiting it finally arrived and I love it. “Fragmented Atrocities” is ABDICATE‘s 3rd album with “Yeti” back on […]

REVIEW: Wormed – Exodromos

Wormed Exodromos (Willowtip, 2013) Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal What do you get when you mix physics, sci-fi, a cool story-concept and some supreme tech-death? Probably the most awesome class in any school of any country ever – but besides that you get the new WORMED Full-length. The five guys from Madrid released their second full-length […]

REVIEW: Carnivore Diprosopus – Condemned by the Alliance

Carnivore Diprosopus Condemned by the Alliance (Sevared Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore Carniceros! Take the kids from the room! The sickest motherfuckers in Colombia are back after seven years without recording. And it seems that the long time of waiting provided the necessary fuel for the band to translate all their hatred in excellent […]

REVIEW: Rabid Dogs – Beasts With Guns

Rabid Dogs Beasts With Guns (Eclectic Productions, 2013) Genre: Grind ‘n’ Roll Part of my self-diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder is the invincible mania of always hear a new CD following strictly the order of the original tracklist. Very weirdly for me, this time I started listening to this new RABID DOGS CD by the sixth […]