NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the reviews of GUTTURAL DEATH are solely those of the credited writer, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the rest of the GUTTURAL DEATH staff or GUTTURAL DEATH as a whole.


Artificial Brain - Demo 2011ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – DEMO (Demo, 2012)
Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci
Internal Amputation - Slam GangINTERNAL AMPUTATION – SLAM GANG (Demo, 2012)
Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci
Lago - Tyranny DemoLAGO – TYRANNY DEMO (Demo, 2012)
Written by: Johannes Schmailzl
Devour the Fetus - Promo 2012DEVOUR THE FETUS – PROMO 2012 (Demo, 2012)
Written by: Dennis Östlund
Euphoric Defilement - Promo 2011EUPHORIC DEFILEMENT – PROMO 2011 (Demo, 2011)
Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

In alphabetical order

awaitingtheautopsy_eightgirlsAWAITING THE AUTOPSY – EIGHT GIRLS INSTEAD OF NINE (Demo, 2007)
Written by: Dennis Östlund
Desecrated - Awakened FuryDESECRATED – AWAKENED FURY (Demo, 2004)
Written by: Dennis Östlund
MP5K - Deranged Stockholm SyndromeMP5K – DERANGED STOCKHOLM SYNDROME (Demo, 2007)
Written by: Dennis Östlund

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