Infecting The Swarm released a teaser for one of the new songs. Enjoy:

BLOODSOAKED returns in 2014 with the new release “Religious Apocalypse”. Now with the addition of a second guitarist they are ready to annihilate all that is holy with their old school storm of ravaging ferocity. This release contains new tracks along with some live tracks, plus a couple surprise cover songs. BLOODSOAKED has mastered the craft […]

Sevared Records will be reissuing old school SPLATTERED ENTRAILS material that was featured on 3 different splits! The SPLATTERED ENTRAILS tracks that were featured on “Triple Fistfuck Fanatic”, “CHAINSAW DISSECTION vs. SPLATTERED ENTRAILS” and the split with DISGORGEMENT OF INTESTINAL LYMPHATIC SUPPURATION will be release on ONE disc early next year! Stay tuned for more details!!

Here is the latest DEICIDE music video, “End the Wrath of God”. Taken from the album, “In The Minds Of Evil”.

Are we afraid of new technology? And with “we” I mean all of us musicians and even some of the fans that care and are interested in that kind of stuff. My first impulse would be to say “no”, because this scene, this particular kind of music and the people around and behind it always […]

As some of you might have noticed we have been away for some time now. This is due to our lives. Work, University, Family, Health, Technical problems etc. Don´t worry, we will be back sooner or later to bring you all the news, interviews and reviews again. It´s just been and still is a crazy […]

ABYSMAL TORMENT just released a new track off their upcoming album, engjoy:

Here´s the new promo-teaser for Meshihas upcoming 2-song Promo:

Amputated just released a teaser for their upcoming full-length. Enjoy:

AMPUTATED‘s new album has been completely finished and is on its way to Sevared Records for printing as we speak. As a treat for you all AMPUTATED will be giving you a little taste of the new Album “Dissect Molest Ingest” very soon. So spread the word and keep your eyes peeled.