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Amoeba – Counterweight (Self Release; 2014) I´ve waited quite a while for this album and now that it´s here – I can´t stop listening to it. This album nails what modern melodic technicality and deathmetal is supposed to be. Fast, blasting and a musical artwork in itself. As you might have guessed by now – […]


Nephrectomy – Interspecies Bondage (Morbid Generation Records; 2014) Feels good to be back. For everyone who thinks that the new Nephrectomy CD is pure slam – no, it really is not. Far from it actually. It´s pretty much exactly what the album cover tells your musical sense to think – groovy Slamgrind. And that’s pretty much […]

ARTICLE – Afraid of technology?

Are we afraid of new technology? And with “we” I mean all of us musicians and even some of the fans that care and are interested in that kind of stuff. My first impulse would be to say “no”, because this scene, this particular kind of music and the people around and behind it always […]

REVIEW: Meshiha – Commence the Suffering

Meshiha Commence the Suffering (Permeated Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal What do you get when putting some old members from DEVOURMENT together in a new txdm band with a somehow “christian” theme? Exactly, MESHIHA. I usually don´t like reviewing single songs because they just don’t give me a valid source for what the band […]

REVIEW: Abdicate – Fragmented Atrocities

Abdicate Fragmented Atrocities (Sevared Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal I didn’t just wait for this album, I was begging for it to be on Bandcamp, Amazon or any other digital platform. But after 3 weeks of waiting it finally arrived and I love it. “Fragmented Atrocities” is ABDICATE‘s 3rd album with “Yeti” back on […]

REVIEW: Wormed – Exodromos

Wormed Exodromos (Willowtip, 2013) Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal What do you get when you mix physics, sci-fi, a cool story-concept and some supreme tech-death? Probably the most awesome class in any school of any country ever – but besides that you get the new WORMED Full-length. The five guys from Madrid released their second full-length […]

ARTICLE – Slamtastic, right?

Slam is the new fashion (now don’t crucify me just because I called it “fashion” because it really is) in BDM. It’s groovy, grindy and gives everyone a reason to listen to it. Either for the slamming parts, for the ultra gutturals or the fast blast beat sections. It’s just so easy to get into […]

REVIEW: Seminal Embalmment – Stacked And Sodomized

Seminal Embalmment Stacked And Sodomized (New Standard Elite, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal In the last 6-12 months there was one label that started to sign a bunch of new and young Brutal Death Metal bands with a lot of potential: New Standard Elite. OSSIFICATION, ABHORRENT CASTIGATION, LACERATION, SCATORGY and SEMINAL EMBALMMENT. NSE is the […]

REVIEW: Urethral Defecation – High Human Feelings

Urethral Defecation High Human Feelings (Ghastly Music, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal Hello Sir, do you have some time to talk about our lord and saviour SLAM? Yes I do. Especially if it’s presented in such a nice package. “High Human Feeling” is kicking off the album with so much aggression and style that I actually […]

REVIEW: Craniotomy – Supply of Flesh Came Just in Time

Craniotomy Supply of Flesh Came Just in Time (Amputated Vein Records, 2013) Genre: Brutal Death Metal Slovakia. Not exactly the country you’d expect some quality brutality from right? I was thinking the same, but after listening to this nice piece of musick my opinion changed rapidly. I follow Isis-Designs on facebook and usually check out […]