Bassist/frontman leaves FORGED IN GORE

forgedingore-logoAfter much discussion, Cleveland-based FORGED IN GORE and bassist/frontman Brian Baxter have decided to part ways. They write on their Facebook page: “This was not an easy decision to make but serves as the only logical conclusion to allow both parties to continue making music with our respective projects. We wish Brian nothing but the best, as well as the rest of our brothers in Embalmer. His time spent in FORGED has been quite a ride and we thank him for all that he has done to help the band move forward. We’ve all expended much time and energy on this project and none of it goes unappreciated.”

This, however, is not the end for FORGED IN GORE. The band are working hard on their new line-up that will be ready to crush as hard as ever. They continue: “We are looking towards our future and will continue to finish working on our debut album.”

A note to promoters: At this point they are fulfilling ALL shows that are currently booked. The band are looking forward to unveiling their new line-up and absolutely cannot wait to deliver some gore-soaked brutality!!!

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