REVIEW: Meshiha – Commence the Suffering

Meshiha - Commence the Suffering - Promo 2013Meshiha
Commence the Suffering
(Permeated Records, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

What do you get when putting some old members from DEVOURMENT together in a new txdm band with a somehow “christian” theme? Exactly, MESHIHA. I usually don´t like reviewing single songs because they just don’t give me a valid source for what the band is all about. I know bands that deliverd one great song and the rest of their stuff was mediocre or shitty as hell. But I’m in the mood to review this so now you either click on anything else or continue reading. If you do continue I strongly recommend you to listen to the song while reading this review.

As always in my reviews I´m first gonna go into the sound of the piece. I´m really not sure what to tell you about the sound. I listened to the song about 50 times on at least 4 different speakers and headphones but I just can´t get a clear image of what to tell you. Now I hope you already listen to the song so you can follow my thoughts here. There are some passages where the sound really kills, enough attack and harshness in the guitar mix, enough clarity to let the riffing shine through and a solid amount of punch in the drums. But then again there are those parts where the sound just sucks. Hard. If you listen to a nice passage you have the pleasure of listening to some heavy guitars and a brutally mixed drum set with a lot of highs and (at least for my taste) too much cymbal sound. You could argue that this is more natural because well – cymbals are loud as fuck. Or you could just say that it takes some of the quality away, thats really up to you! I personally don´t like that too much. I played drums for 6 years and I worked on several recordings and always listen cloesly to the cymbals on a record and it just works so much better when the cymbals are a lot less noisy than they are if you stand in a rehearsal room. Actually the best thing about the sound are the vocals. They´re mean as hell and sound a lot like some old Heinous Killings at some point. Anyways – this is just one song and I guess if they release a EP or something they will probably re-record it and get the mix right. It´s solid but could have been a lot better.

The beginning of the song just kicks you in the nuts and then runs away. I like that style. A really strong beginning that leaves you begging for some more groove but then suddenly turns into some fast blasting riff that gets you out of the slamming mood. This whole slow-fast-slow-fast-slow fast motive repeats itself over the whole song the whole time and it´s just a little too obvious in my opinion. If you like it that simple then that song must be a lot of fun for you. I personally like it more when the band tries to fool me into thinking that I can´t follow the structure. But thats really just a matter of taste. The riffing on the other hand is brilliant. What Devourment did with their new release is probably the exact opposite of what MESHIHA does with their first song. This has so much slam in it and so much groove. But I guess thats exactly what everyone hoped for and expected, and MESHIHA delivered.

This band shows some extremely great potential and I´m stoked to see what they can do with an EP or a full length. I hope we have some more meat soon!

My Score: 7/10

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl


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