REVIEW: Homicide – They Work for Me (Reissue)

Homicide - They Work For MeHomicide
They Work for Me
(Wretched Decay Records, 2013)
Genre: Death Metal

Firstly, I must register here that this is not an actual release of 2013. In fact, this CD is a reissue of a true classic of the south american extreme metal, which now reaches our ears by virtue of the excellent work of Wretched Decay Records.
Independently of this detail, the fact is that good music has no expiration date. Therefore, be in 2008 (original release) or in 2013 (rerelease), the music contained herein has such quality that the date of the material is the least important thing to the listener.

Made these preliminary considerations, what HOMICIDE has brought to us in this recording? Obvious answer: extreme death metal, absolutely competent and functional, in the best style of the south american bands.

Starting from the technical part, the sonority of this CD is amazing. The instruments are in our face. Furthermore, the sound engineering had the great merit of providing the music to a sufficient level of “dirt” to equip the material contained herein with a malevolent aura only seen in the best formations of the genre.

But the differential of the HOMICIDE’s music is the impressive solidity of the instrumental work done by Gabriel Pincheira (guitars), Marcelo Power (drums), Jorge Ormeño (vocals), Mauricio Cornejo (bass) and Raul Smirnov (guitars).

Naturally, we do not have here any kind of exaggerated virtuosity typical of progressive/techdeath formations. Indeed, the sound robustness is the immediate product of the undeniable ability of these musicians to perform the most basic fundamentals of death metal, without ever compromising the personality of their work.

Therefore, abounds in the music of HOMICIDE elements of DEICIDE, IMMOLATION, HATE ETERNAL, MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MONSTROSITY, SUFFOCATION and all the great american formations that brought joy to millions of fans in the last 30 years of the extreme metal history.

It is worth saying: everything here revolves around powerful guitar riffs, devastating drum work, vocals coming straight from the depths, well-aimed guitar solos and an informed basis able to generate envy even in the most experienced extreme metal formations.

The CD has nearly 37 minutes long. Is enough time for the band to detonate 10 highly explosive metal artifacts which left my neck sore for a week. Positive point for the guys! Their music is addictive to the point of being almost impossible to hear this recording only one time. Facing so much quality, choose some highlights is the difficult part of my work, especially considering the homogeneity of all the material presented. However, “Pull The Strings”, “Faith of Ignorance” and “Thousand Cuts” deserve a special mention.

Listening to this CD is a pleasant experience for any fan of extreme music. But fans inclined to the more traditional aspects of death metal certainly will have even more fun.

If I had to summarize the music of these guys on a single word, it would be this: solidity. Listen without fear. The experience will be rewarding.

Score: 9/10

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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