INTERVIEW: Disentomb

disentomb bandThanks for taking the time to answer some questions man, so DISENTOMB have a big year a head!

No problem at all dude. We all read Guttural Death from time to time so it is a honour to do an interview with you. For the most part, the remaining months of 2013 will be spent finishing up the writing for Album II, recording it, mixing it with a few Australian shows dotted throughout.

You guys just signed to New Standard Elite, how did that come about?

Dan from NSE approached us and all four of us are big fans of every release of theirs so far. His approach to releasing bands and supporting the underground is matched only by a small elite labels. We are beyond stoked to be on New Standard Elite and we are confident our next album will keep to the standard of the label’s previous releases.

I and many others thought you signed with Brutal Bands not too long ago, can you elaborate on that?

Unfortunately we are bound by a contract not to discuss this. But what I can say is we are happy to be with New Standard Elite, who looks after each band and treats each of their releases with absolute respect.

Can you tell us about the art for the new disc, I’ve seen some sneak peaks and fuck it looks awesome. I can tell is going to stand out above the rest for sure!

Thanks man! We are really really excited with the artwork we have had designed for the album. What we have released so far have been concept sketches which will be a part of the booklet. The main cover art for our album, which is designed by the same guy who did the concept sketches, will be released closer to the release date along with a single.

What the artists has managed to do is capture the atmosphere and the tones of the new material through art to make an entire obscure and twisted world.

disentomb 4What else can you tells us about the new album?

It is by far the heaviest material we have written in our lives. We wrote our first album, “Sunken Chambers of Nephilim” (2010) when we were 18 so to have three more years experience as a band I feel we have finally captured the DISENTOMB sound.

There are a lot of different elements in the music with a bigger focus on composition than what we have done previously. Expect blasting, intricate guitar work and doomed out funeral slams. What we are guaranteeing also is a MASSIVE step up fro SCON in terms of production (and I don’t mean triggers and sound replacements, just better recordings).

How many tracks, is it a concept album?

We haven’t finalised the number of tracks but is looking to be 10. With a concept based around a mixture of biblical stories and a fictional world we created.

What’s a typical DISENTOMB song about? How do you come up with the lyrics?

The songs on the next album will follow a basic story arch centred around biblical stories that have been re-written and had our own concepts and fictional worlds thrown in. Rather than focus mainly on gore, I like the songs to be more centred around a bleak, dystopian world. The creatures featured in the concept sketches are a part of the songs.

You recently had a member change on bass, recruiting Jim from ENTRAILS ERADICATED, how’s that working out so far?

It has been working out great. Jim is a monster on bass and to hear him and Jake play alongside eachother is insane. When people hear the new DISENTOMB lineup live it is going to blow anything we have done live previously out of the water.

You guys have done some massive touring in Australia, what about anywhere else?

We were over in Europe in 2011 for Mountains of Death followed by a UK tour with CEREBRAL BORE which was insane.

With a new album coming out you think you’ll hit the states, or even Europe?

We are positive we will be touring the fuck out of this next album. The United States, Europe, Asia and of course Australia can expect to see DISENTOMB playing on a stage near them. We are dedicated to getting this new brutality out.

When you are not being the brutalist brutal that ever brutaled what do you do?

I am a reporter for a newspaper so that is what I do from 9-5 each day. And when I am not work or doing DISENTOMB stuff I am usually in the gym. The main hobbies I have are DISENTOMB and gym, which leaves little room for much else.

Where can people check out your tunes?

Check us out on for all album updates! Songs are on their way and we can’t wait to unveil what we have been working on the last three years. Also check out our new label New Standard Elite on for the sickest Brutal Death Metal bands in the underground! Thanks Guttural Death. It is always a pleasure and keep on supporting the brutality!

disentomb 3 disentomb 2 disentomb 1

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  1. Awesome. Dig the concept a lot.

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