INTERVIEW: Dysentery

Dysentery artyGlad we could get you on here Blue, how’s it going? As you know, DYSENTERY has been one of my biggest influences for quite some time now. Why don’t you give us a rundown on the history of DYSENTERY?

Thanks for having me duder. We’re obviously flattered that you dig us as much as you do. You’ve always treated us great, and EXPURGATE is sick as fuck. DYSENTERY began all the way back in 2002 with our singer Will (the only original member) and a bunch of friends from the area (Waltham, MA specifically) just jamming out on some heavy tunes. Fast forward a decade later and we’ve released a split and 2 full lengths. We’ve also been all over the US a couple of times now and have slammed a few eardrums, that’s for sure.

The split with GUTROT you were on will always be legendary, but you guys just keep getting heavier. Which DYSENTERY release is your personal favorite?

Well, I know it’s quite the generic response but I will say our latest full length is my personal favorite. “Internal Devastation” (2011) is the best representative of what DYSENTERY is today. But to not give massive amounts of mention to the infamous split with GUTROT would be silly.

A lot of brutal bands are trying to incorporate a Beatdown vibe to their tunes these days but fail miserably. Yet, you guys pull it off better than anyone. What bands have influenced your unique blend of guttural retardation?

Well, being a band based out of the Boston area and having most of us grow up in the area we have always had heavy exposure to a lot of hardcore. In the band’s music, I would absolutely say that All Out War has massive influence on our style of beatdown. Though currently Xibalba and No Zodiac have been completely inspiring us to get more and more ignorant with our heaviness. *Laughter*

It’s been a couple years since your last release, I really hope you’re whipping up another! Is there a DYSENTERY album in the works or at least some new merch? What label will it be available on?

Currently, we are wrapping up the writing process for our 3rd full length which we are recording in the late spring. If everything goes well, it will see the light of day in the late summer on a TBA label.

Your hometown Boston is well known for good hardcore, but how’s the death metal scene out there? Taking your guys sound into account it seems like there’s some crossover. Do the scenes mesh together at all? What local bands should people check out?

The death metal scene here is solid, while not very large. I would say that we have it better than a lot of areas in the US. Our crossover tends to bring us into more deathcore-y waters sometimes, but it doesn’t generally mesh that much. There will always be the separation between the ‘true’ metallers and the dudes who come from other sects of heavy music. It’s kind of the classic case I guess. Some great locals to check would be (not all death metal) ABNORMALITY, SCAPHISM, BOARCORPSE, COMPOSTED, SCALPEL, HIVESMASHER, LIVING VOID, Thrillhouse, Nightbitch, FORCED ASPHYXIATION, Ramming Speed, BLESSED OFFAL and probably a ton more i’m forgetting.

Dysentery bandYour musical career is filled with death metal classics. What are all of the bands you play in and is there anything new coming from them?

I also spend my time playing in 2 other bands. I play bass in SEXCREMENT, we play a sleazy brand of death/groove metal. We released our second album “Sloppy Seconds” this past summer on Comatose Music and are getting ready to record a new EP to be released on vinyl sometime this summer on a TBA label. I also play guitar in PARASITIC EXTIRPATION, which leans heavily on the brutal tech death side of things. We are finishing up the writing process for our new EP which will be released later this year on a TBA label as well.

Your bands have been in heavy rotation on the fest circuits, what are some of the craziest fests you’ve ever played?

Las Vegas Deathfest and New Jersey Deathfest are always my favorites to hit up. Everyone involved in organizing is top notch, and the fans that attend care 150% about the music. We got to play Central Illinois Metalfest (RIP) a couple of times which was killer as well. Too many cool shows/fests to keep count!

Is there an upcoming DYSENTERY tour we can look forward to?

Right now we are in the planning stages of our very first European tour. If everything goes well, we will be headed there this September. This is obviously huge for us and we’re super excited to see what could come.

In the past decade brutal death has become much more accessible, spawning waves of new bands. What are some new bands that you’ve been bumping lately?

I have to say that a lot of the stuff coming out on New Standard Elite right now (GORE INFAMOUS, LACERATION, ABHORRATION, SEMINAL EMBALMENT etc) is top notch. EUPHORIC DEFILEMENT‘s new stuff is killer and I’m eager to hear the full length from DEVANGELIC and NEUROGENIC.

In your opinion, what makes a good brutal death metal band?

Musicianship, stage presence, drive, communication, commitment, common sense and a true love of metal.

Recently you’ve been touring annually with your bands in rotation. Do you have any crazy tour stories? In your opinion what are some of the best states to play in?

Well, the crazy stories are best kept secret. *Laughter* But most of them involve getting high as the dickens and good friends/times. Oh, and there was that one time when SEXCREMENT was on tour with DEFEATED SANITY and we saw a bum get beaten so badly he eventually died from the injuries. So that. *Laughter*

Thanks a lot for the interview Blue! You’re one of the sickest fucks I know and I’m sure I’ll see you sometime in the near future, anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for chatting it up with me duder, you’re always a huge supporter and it’s greatly appreciated. We will be smoking in the near future I’m sure! Cheers!

Written by: Jaymes Grundmann

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