INTERVIEW: Vomit Slaughter

Vomit SlaughterThanks for doing the interview Tyler! Give us a rundown on the history of VOMIT SLAUGHTER.

Tyler Cantrell: VOMIT SLAUGHTER is result of pure dedication to the craft of extreme music. Since the first time Dudley and I met in August 2011, we have shared a common goal of developing a band that expressed intensity and aggression. We had to scrap together opprotunities to rehearse, record…over and over again. We wrote our first song in my apartment using a drum-machine, but we knew that was not to be the answer we needed. We were both frustrated with the difficulty of finding a drummer who could produce the sort of intensity that we desired, so I chose to develop as a drummer as this was the first time I was given a chance to express my passion for drumming in an active group. We started by renting-by-the-hour to pretty much excercise the concepts, riffs etc. but it would take a good 5 months before we moved into a house together, and that was when we really started to mold the band. For about 6 months we continued to write songs, we had a vocalist named Jordan and we played our first couple shows at BARBAR, Blastomat (RIP) and Less Art. By August 2012 we pretty much had demos produced for 14 songs, but we were sort of frozen-in-time with the dissolved relationship with our singer. We finally were able to replace Jordan with my friend Caitlin McGee, who I have know for years. She gave the band a new perspective and she has the heart to express strong emotional violence in a way that pleased us all. Her and me have been listening to music and going to shows together for 8 years, so we are very much on the same page in regards to influences and the “intentions” of the music.

What are some of your biggest influences for the band?

Tyler Cantrell: The struggle of everyday existence influences me…This will to fight for something unique and personal – not just for trends. Instead of giving in or growing old, music has been the proper vehicle to maintaining an indivdual mind. Aligning the beliefs and values with genuine art of human expression. For this band, the expression is of frustration and rejection of the things that make me sick. All the symbols and substances that crush your mind are destroyed through this music.

Caitlin McGee: I think we all differ but for me personally, I feel influenced by a lot of misanthropic ideals, more so in the sense to humanity. I suppose a lot of pent up rage and vigilante fantasies help too

Tyler Dudley: For me it was just moving to the Denver scene and soaking in what it had to offer and adding it to what I’ve done in the past.

How would you describe your sound? What bands could you compare yourselves to?

Tyler Cantrell: Hyper-Maniacal percussion, straight-forward blasting, grinding riffs, throat-scrapping screams. Fast Hardcore, Deathgrind, Doom, Gore…since we started I’ve referenced being influenced by ANAL CUNT, DISMEMBERED FETUS as well as a lifetime’s worth of local bands, collecting records… influences are infinite…

Caitlin McGee: I have heard someone call us “power grind” which I pretty much agree with. Just fast as shit music really.

Tyler Dudley: I would also say NAPALM DEATH and ANAL CUNT had a lot of influence on our earlier sound. I think we’ve grown in to what we feel is our own thing now. Just doing what comes naturally in the end. Mainly I’ve always long to go Hard and Fast!

Any releases we can look forward to from you guys? Where can fans get any of your current material?

Tyler Cantrell: We are in session for recording currently at our own studio. Colin Starner is engineering the album. I just finished tracking the drums. We recorded an early demo of the band with the original singer and released it with around 10 tapes and 27 CD’s. “27” representing all of our ages at the time. Those songs are on our Reverb nation page for now. They’ll probably be replaced soon with the new recordings however.

There seems to be a pretty sick extreme scene in Denver (your hometown), what local bands do you think people should check out?

Caitlin McGee: Oh man there are so many… DREADNAUGHT, WEAPONIZER, DRIPFED, VOLR, PRIMITIVE MAN, GRAVETORN, ROAC, WORLDPAIN, dude….the list continues. There’s a lot to be checked out!

Tyler Cantrell: Awesome people that are all friends, fans, bands simultaneously work together to make our scene what it is. Some bands are just trying to “make it” by using trendy genre-names and conscious considerations regarding colored t-shirts and over booking-themselves at national touring gigs, but there is the rest of us, where it is pretty much a lifestyle to be involved in the Denver scene and we do it for ourselves and the crowd is a room of people that know each other. Sometimes you don’t have fans unless you are just friends with everyone. It’s not always really about style as much as it is about just living for the whole thing. Some people don’t like anything outside of their genre, and so sometimes there is fractures in the collective whole but Denver is a melting-pot of creativity. Some of us, our lifers and we go and see all the bands. I would recommend DISEASE CALLED HUMAN, ITSFORACOP, EYE OF MINERVA, ABERRANT, PERSPECTIVE, THE DENDRITES, THRONES OF BELIAL, ROAC, GRAVETORN, APOCALYPTIC CHRIST, THE REPERCUSSIONSDRIPFED, VOLT, EXPURGATE, MF RUCKUS, WEAPONIZER, NEXHYMN, TRUCKASAURUS, PLETYS MOGRAFIA, WHOREGRINDER, GOMORRAH, ROSKOPP, FLIGHT OF THE SLEPNIR, EXECRATION, DUCKLING FANTASYMARS BY NIGHT, CAZIC, WORLD PAIN, THE A-OK’S, LYING BITCH & THE RESTRAINING ORDERS, THE ROTTEN RIFFS, 3BA, THE HOT APOSTLES, HAMMER MOUNTAIN, 99 BOTTLES, SPATGASM, DEATH CHURCHECHO

Vomit Slaughter bandAny VOMIT SLAUGHTER shows coming up? What have been some of the craziest shows you guys have played?

Tyler Cantrell: We have a show March 16th with ITSFORACOP. Then on March 27th we’re playing a show with WITCHHAVEN, EXMORTUS, GOMORRAH and ROAC! We try to book shows on full-moons, we try to book shows with great local bands, we arn’t the kinda band that waits to smoke bowls and drink tall-boys after the show…high energy all the time…

I thought the Halloween 100 House show was one of the craziest shows I’ve played. Our sound kept going out because the plugin was in the middle of the pit. People were throwing down at that show though.

Caitlin McGee: Yeah, we have one on March 17th(that ones at bar bar) and March 28th which will be at 7th circle music collective. I would have to say out most intense show yet was a halloween show at 100 house. People kept knocking out the power, beer was flying in the air, and I got thrown into the drum kit multiple times. I woke up the next day sticky from beer, covered in bruises and my vocals so shot it sounded like I swallowed glass. So fuckin worth it though.

Through your career, what would you say is the coolest venue you’ve ever played in?

Caitlin McGee: Seventh circle, 1000 Haus, Aqualung, Marquis, Curtis St Tavern, BARBAR, Mouth House, The Underground, Monkey Mania, Rhinoceropolis…

Tyler Dudley: Playing the Canopy Club in Champaign, Illinois was special for me just because it was close to where I grew up and I saw all of my favorite bands there. I think the best shows I ever played were on Farms in the middle of nowhere rather than in a venue. That’s where the crazy shit goes down.

In your opinion, what do you think grindcore should be?

Tyler Cantrell: Grindcore is an expression of ones mind being obliterated by misery…pure black animosity and savage hatred exploding as vengenence against reality. Grinding teeth, clenched muscles, brain haemorrhage – Art evolved by pushing the limits – no compromise – fearless struggle – suriving in society – marching through pain and exhaustion.

Thanks for the interview again brother! Can’t wait to get my hands on your guys upcoming stuff! Any last words?


Written by: Jaymes Grundmann

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