REVIEW: Seminal Embalmment – Stacked And Sodomized

Seminal Embalmment - Stacked and SodomizedSeminal Embalmment
Stacked And Sodomized
(New Standard Elite, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

In the last 6-12 months there was one label that started to sign a bunch of new and young Brutal Death Metal bands with a lot of potential: New Standard Elite. OSSIFICATION, ABHORRENT CASTIGATION, LACERATION, SCATORGY and SEMINAL EMBALMMENT. NSE is the brainchild of Daniel Osborne – the drummer of the almighty INHERIT DISEASE. This label is surely one of the most promising uprising Labels. That being said – you know what to expect from the bands on this label.

SEMINAL EMBALMMENT is a 4-piece Brutal Death Metal band hailing out of Adelaide – Australia (that’s already an indicator for how sick this EP is – Australia has some of the best Brutal Death bands). This is their debut release – as long as you don’t count any songs of the former project from some of the band members: FIVE FINGER DISINTEGRATOR. “Stacked And Sodomized” is about 11 minutes long and contains 3 Tracks and a nice Intro.

The sound is great and reminds me a lot of INHERIT DISEASE in several aspects. The guitars are smooth but with enough attack and harshness. There are lots of highs and lows in the mix and it sounds clean enough to give you a hint of professional recording but still rough enough to sound like some serious underground music. As so often the bass is not too present in the mix but if you want to find it you wont have any problems doing so. My personal highlight of this EP (soundwise) are the drums. They sound so natural and really not “studio-like” but it gives all the songs so much character and individuality. The snare is one ugly piece of meat and sounds rough as hell – love it! The bass-drum has enough punch to get you through all the slam passages without missing a high-profile production. The cymbals are smooth and subtle and overall just natural. The vocals are matter of taste – either you like that kind of style or you don’t. Usually gutturals in that style are deeper and sound more… well, guttural. I like them how they are but I guess you really have to check it out yourself to see if you like it. They are a little too loud in the mix but that really just comes through at some parts where the guitars and drums aren’t at their full power.

The songs and riffing are great and have some nice originality even though there are some heavy INHERIT DISEASE dejavús at some points – but that’s not a bad thing. If you are able to sound like one of the best bands in the scene and put some originality to it then you know you have something special going on. A nice mixture of groove, technicality and catchy riffs. Don’t expect 20 riffs per song because thats obviously not what SEMINAL EMBALMMENT wanted to go for but more of a CANNIBAL CORPSE-ish feel when it comes to the writing – but again: thats not a bad thing! Lukes style and technique is great to listen to – and also to watch. If you know your way around youtube you maybe have seen some of his riffing videos and it’s always a pleasure to watch his fingers run over the fretboard – he makes it look it easy! It’s definitly worth a look if you like the EP.

This EP shows some great potential of a young band that is about to fight DISENTOMB for the throne of Ausi Brutal Death Metal. I can’t wait for a full length and see what they can do with a full-length. If you like Brutal Death Metal you should check this out and you probably won’t be disappointed.

My Score: 8.7/10

Song Recommendations:
-There isn’t enough meat on this release to pick some favourite songs – so check all of  ’em out!

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl

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  1. It’s Daniel Osborn 😉

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