REVIEW: Tsubo – …Con Cognizione di Causa

Tsubo - Con Cognizione di CausaTsubo
…Con Cognizione di Causa

(Eclectic Productions, 2012)
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore

A little of general culture: From Italy came the Renaissance movement (Century XVIII), which later spread through Europe and initiated the era of modern knowledge. Also from Italy came giants of human thought, as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Because of all this cultural baggage, of irrefutable relevance for all the mankind, not enough to impress that today Italy also has been highlighted as the biggest production center of high quality extreme music, fact well attested by TSUBO. I heard this CD dozens of times. On first hearing, I rushed for qualify the band’s music as grindcore. However, after several auditions, I realized that have a lot more things going on among this material. In fact, the music of TSUBO contains a myriad of musical influences which range from old school grindcore to thrash metal riffs, black metal vocalizations and a great hardcore/punk ethos. I know that this description can generate in the listener the idea that this band produces a music disjointed and without identity. However, nothing proves more wrong than this image. After all, it is precisely because of all these influences that these guys were manage to record a material as efficient and functional like this, capable of convincing even the most renitent listener.

Starting from their grindcore roots, all the tracks of this CD are short and extremely fast. But this characteristic does not prevent the musicians to demonstrate their immense technical skills on the creation of precise riffs and reasonably complex musical structures for the grindcore style. Important point: the band never lets the technique harm the almost palpable aggressiveness of this material, much less the climate of confrontation and destruction. This proves the quality of the compositions and the great competence of TSUBO to aggregate influences and dump them on the listener like little artifacts of war. The drum lines are quite interesting for a essentially grindcore band. The blastbeats are omnipresent. But they don’t represent the only tool working of Aristodemo “ThrashDemo” De Cesaris. In the second track I’ve realized that he is a very skillful drummer. All the other musicians – Manuel Federici (bass), Giorgio “Giorgioni” Cifuni (guitars/vox) and Gabriele “Fasano” Giordani (guitars) – are great instrumentalists and are well above the average from what I usually see in the genre.

There is a cover of TERRORIZER (“Storm of Stress”). Perfect song to demonstrate the ability of this band to incite the public to open violent moshpits in the live performances. Fans of NASUM, GADGET, SAYYADINA, INFANTICIDE, TERRORIZER, WORMROT and all the old grindcore certainly will love this CD.

9/10 for sure!!!

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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