REVIEW: Disgraseed – Flesh Market

Disgraseed - Flesh MarketDisgraseed
Flesh Market
(Ghastly Music, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Let me get that right out of the way – calling an intro “AK47″ and then just a few noises appear that have nothing to do with the ak47 is not the smartest move, really. Besides that the album is nice piece of brutal death metal, at least most of the time.

The French quartet delivers some heavy riffs and some nice pig squeals and some ultra-blast beats. The cover art is made by phlegeton as far as I can see and looks actually quite refreshing, somehow the colours and that surreal style has its own charme – and it really fits the album title!

The sound on this release is actually quite good – but you really have to give it some time to appreciate the sound. It’s extremely clean and smooth but the instruments could have been louder in the mix. The production really is great here, mixed with some nice intro/atmospheric parts this full length really delivers a solid sound that isn’t annyoing even after the 5th time you listen to the album. The guitars aren’t chuggy at all and have a really smooth outflow – if they would have been louder in the mix it would have been really great. The bass is barely noticable – maybe would have given the whole CD a little more punch. The drums are mixed quite well and work perfectly with the guitar sound. Not too much punch but more a sublte element in the background. The vocals sound great on this release and the first thing that came to my mind are those ultra-deep passages sound like PUTRIFIED J, then you have the mid-highs and the pig squeals. Lots of diversity in the vocal section and it helps the record a lot. Actually there isn’t too much to say about the sound because it just hasn’t any special aspects, it’s really good overall but could have been louder.

Now for the interesting section – the songwriting and riffing. The riffing on this release is quite unusual. A lot of atmospheric riffs that could have been on a melo-death, black metal or death metal release. Those elements mixed with the vocals and some heavier riffs are sick and somehow just a pleasure to listen to. Sometimes I felt like I’d listen to a thrash metal album with gutturals, then suddenly there were black-metal-ish parts and then pumping chuggy parts. Lots of variety and even more atmosphere. But this doesn’t work out all the time. Sometimes it just gets annyoing when you listen to a great part and then suddenly another part sets in that is mediocre and really a whole other style and musical direction. That doesn’t appear to often but could have been avoided. And now where I’m at the flaws already there is one other aspect of this release that bothers me sometimes. Some of the riffs were played sloppy or unclean, maybe because they didn’t have enough time in the studio or because they thought “fuck it, sounds good”. Most of the time it’s hard to find those flaws but when you do it’s not that cool – maybe that’s just me but when I listen to a record I want to hear the songs at their best.

“Flesh Market” is a good release and has some great riffs and at times you really feel the atmosphere shining through the riffs. The issues can be ignored if you like the rest of the package and that’s not too bad. If you like some experimental stuff you should give this 9-track piece a listen.

My Score: 7.5/10

Song Recommendations:
Red Light Debauchery

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl


  1. Ak47 is a variety of weed too… 😉

  2. disgraSEED

  3. Yep “AK 47” refers to the weed seed ! DisgraSEED !!!

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