REVIEW: Euphoric Defilement – Ascending To Worms

Euphoric Defilement - Ascending to the WormsEuphoric Defilement
Ascending To Worms

(Unique Leader Records, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

What can I say about an album that has been praised by countless people and critics since its release? What can I say about a band that shows such an immense talent for groove, brutality and technicality? Here is what: FUCK YOU, you ruined 2013 for me! Dammit!!!

Because of this album there is probably nothing in 2013 that I will be able to love more than “Ascending to Worms”. Why would you do that? Why would you release probably the best release of a whole year at the beginning? That’s just unfair towards all those other awesome bands, how the hell can they live up to that (well, besides ABHORRENT CASTIGATION and MURDER MADE GOD, those two will kill everything).

I’ve been waiting for this release since 2011 and in the last few weeks it really drove me insane because I just wanted this record so bad, and now that its here – I’m just pumping this into my ears and I can’t stop smiling like a retarded idiot because it’s just THAT GOOD. It basicly has everything… blasts, grooves, technical shit, alternate picking, awesome melody stuff, brutal gutturals and lots of structure – and all of that in a package of awesome sound and production.

Let’s take a look into the sound (you get it? look? sound?…yeah me neither, it’s really not that funny actually). The sound is brilliant, rough, but polished and drowned but clear. The guitars have such an awesome chuggy and tubey sound, those high notes really krank the headphones up and the melodic parts just flow like a river of beer into a thirsty mouth. Every riff is perfectly clear and you can really hear each and every note and accent, that’s how this should be. The bass could have been a bit louder, but I guess it really helps the sound as it is right now. The drums are mixed so well. The snare is nice and ugly, lots of high tones in there and enough punch too. The bass-drum does its part and works perfectly well with the rest of the drumsound, the sound is incredibly natural – in the best way possible. So are the cymbals. Some bands ruin the drum sound with how the cymbals sound – they didn’t. Even the China-cymbal sounds subtle and soft, awesome! The vocals are a highlight of this album – amongst all the other highlights! They’re guttural as hell and you couldn’t understand a word even if you could understand the sickest death metal vocals. This is how I like them, clean and deep with a monotonous vibe (at this point you gotta really understand that “monotonous” is actually a good thing when it comes to gutturals – at least I think it is). Overall – perfect sound!

Now for the overall album. The riffing is incredible. Such a great mix of all my favourite styles and techniques, it’s like they wrote it just for me, so thank you for that great gift! Alternate picking, fast technical stuff and some heavy groove parts, the song structures show some great talent for song writing! The most important thing for me are the recognizable parts, those parts that really stay in your head after you listen to a song and that make you come back to that song over and over again. And this album has lots of it. Some are just really eating their way into my brain right now and I have to force myself to listen to every other song too. Not that any of the songs would be better than the other ones, some are just more addicting. I could write a passage about each and every song itself but I don’t wanna waste your time really. Instead you should listen to the album yourself, it’s absolutly worth it. I don’t wanna spoil anything but there isn’t just brutality but there are some extremely great parts that will just fucking blow your mind and you will be like “HOLY CRAP, I wanna have sex with that CD right about now” (hint: “A Peaceful Descent”, such a great thing)

What you get is 37 minutes of awesomeness, brutality, great musicianship and a extremely great atmosphere. 11 songs from Los Angeles made by 4 guys who have more talent that a lot of bands put together. So good, so worth every buck spent. This is probably the first band that I want to become like PATHOLOGY – and with that I mean I want to have a new album every year! So if you read this – stop wasting your time and start writing again dammit! NOW!

My Score: 10/10

Song Recommendations:
-A Peaceful Descent
-Everything else

And a small note to EUPHORIC DEFILEMENT – Please continue making that awesome muisc, I really am addicted!

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl


  1. grindpa · · Reply

    but what do you think about track 8 , in my opinion its totally misplaced???????????????

  2. Hannes(reviewer)
    I actually think its perfect there and one of the reasons why this album will be my #1 album in 2013.

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