REVIEW: Cliteater – Cliteaten Back to Life

Cliteater - Cliteaten Back to LifeCliteater
Cliteaten Back to Life
(Goregrind, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

So the Dutch pussy lovers are back for the fifth album to spread their love once again!

To begin, I have to say that this album is the best one they have released so far and sure “The Great Southern Clitkill” (2010), “Scream Bloody Clit” (2008), “Eat Clit Or Die” (2005) and “Clit ‘Em All” (2003) is fucking classic and groovey shit but this one tops them all.

The title is yet another parody of another legendary band and this time it is CANNIBAL CORPSE that has been the victim! Thats right “Cliteaten Back To Life”. First time I saw this I laughed my ass off and I still do. So obviously a great choice for me.

Whoever that does not like humor in their music can turn the fuck away from this album and this review cause this is not ment for you to read or listen to, this is good fucking goregrind with, as the genre itself is built of, HUMOR! Yes, that’s right people.

Here is no elitist wanker ass shit that tells anyone to be true or anything, heck there is even a reggae song in here and alot of funny titles so let’s begin with the songs.

The album contains 17 songs and I feel that yet again there is too many titles to go through for anyone to be interested enough to read so I will keep it as short as possible.

The songs are in the typical CLITEATER style and they all keep a good standard of how goregrind should fucking sound like. Humorous songs like “Seth Putnam Paid Our Cab Fare”, “Handy Handjob Hannah”, “Norway Utoya Massacre”, “Toy Boy Killer” and “O She’s Eleven” kills my stomach of laughter. Catchy good shit that would definitely speak to everyone that can understand some bit of humor and good music in a combination!

I suggest you order it, buy it in the store or whatever the fuck you like. If you want to give it a listen then I suggest you download it but if you do like it, then fucking buy it!

This album gets 5/5 from me since I’m a huge sucker for goregrind that is done well!

Fuck you jävla fitta!

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Written by: Alexander Roth

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