NECROMORPHIC IRRUPTION reveal artwork for “Slaughter On The Earth”

NECROMORPHIC IRRUPTION has revealed the artwork for their debut full-length “Slaughter On The Earth” (2013). Final Artwork by Guang Yang!

Detail Information Coming Soon!

Necromorphic Irruption - Slaughter On The Earth


  1. Darren Jin · · Reply

    Please read ‘older’ news from SNM Records.
    First of all, We are sorry to give you the bad news.
    We regret to inform you that Repulsive Infestation is dropped out of
    SNM RECORDS’ roster from now on.

    Actually, We had an appointment with Brandon(RI’s Guitars&leader)
    for releasing ‘The Vitality Of Decay’ in the autumn of 2011.

    But he had continuously delayed release of ‘The Vitality Of Decay’ album
    for any number of reasons.
    Even he has never replied to our emails, FB messages since the beginning of the year.
    And he is not still giving me a definite answer with respect to album release.
    So We can’t stand his irresponsibility and lies any longer.

    We are really sorry for many fans who wait for their album so long time
    but We think that you may understand why we should do like this.
    In addition to this statement, Guang Yang’s artwork we have provided RI is not RI’s anymore.
    The art will be used for other band.
    Lastly, We would like to thank Andrew Smith (RxI vocals)
    who took on a role of messenger in this shitty situation.

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