REVIEW: Blunt Force Trauma – Vengeance for Nothing

Blunt Force Trauma - Vengeance For Nothing 2Blunt Force Trauma
Vengeance for Nothing
(Macabre Mementos Records, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind

What happens when slam death brutally makes the groove of Pantera gargle its filthy semen after a sweaty night at the prom? Somewhere the riffs of that great band got put on the superbowl fan diet of beer, bratwurst and cheese which left them filled to the brim.

Just to keep it simple, I like the fact that theres variation, the two riffs per song shit that I’ve been getting a lot of lately is just a fucking escape for bands with names too big for their fretboards. Great death metal to me needs a bit more than that, otherwise call it some kind of fucking garglecuntnuggetfubar-grind or something and I will admit that you can get away with pretty much anything. Don’t be fooled though there isn’t anything really new going on here, it’s pretty much brutal death metal played like it’s supposed to be played. Compared to a lot of their contemporaries this is, however, a bit on the aggressive side, it’s probably because the vocals aren’t that low all the time, which is good (if you have any issues with this bring it the fuck on!), because this, again, adds to the variation as well as the aggression in the delivery. If music doesn’t make me want to skullfuck some kind of animalfoetus its pretty useless, like giving Justin Bieber pot.

Lets do a checklist
-we got riffs that don’t suck decomposing manboobs.
-the vocals are varied and somewhat straying from the Backstreet Boy formula of bigger names in the genre.
-the drums makes my balls sweaty with anticipation.
-theres a rumble… I guess it’s supposed to be the bass… but its mostly just a low rumble…
I don’t mind rumble, sometimes it’s nice, like when you’re all fucked up and just want that vibration in your gut, which i guess is most of our readers average state of mind, but still I’m a fucking bassplayer, I love my instrument. I sleep with it beside my disproportionate skull embracing small packs of strings and bolts and shit. I want to hear some bass guitar stuff going on as well.

So yeah, this is a nice album, the kind of nice your very naked, very athletic 18-year old neighbour female can be when strapped into a chair with a gag. It’s better than most new shit that sadly and unfortunately fills my head.

And for fucks sake, send me some fucking hatemail you underage cumdumpsters!

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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