REVIEW: Sick – Cannibalistic Torment

Sick - Cannibalistic TormentSICK
Cannibalistic Torment
(Permeated Records, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

What we have here is a SICK release. Yes, it is sick. Sick as hell. As sick as you can imagine and as sick as it can get. That’s how fucking sick this SICK release from a sick band is. You see? That’s how much fun you can have with just the bandname. Now imagine how sick your fun will be with this release – I can tell you right away: it will be sick!

This release was awaited like hell in the scene. Everyone who even cares a little about slam wanted that bitch in his hands. And now that I got it, it feels just so sick. 35 minutes pumped into 9 Tracks (even though some of the tracks are from the Demo). Thats sick. This is Slam done right. In every aspect possible (well, besides one but more to that later). If you haven’t heard of this LA based 4-piece act of sick brutality you either live behind the moon on hillbilly mountain or something is really wrong with you. SICK got the attention of the underground when they released the first material and everything sounded so much like the old DEVOURMENT stuff. So they got some pretty awesome response right from the beginning. And “Cannibalistic Torement” doesn’t disappoint. It delivers what was promised and what everyone was hoping for – pure, sick brutality.

Let’s get the one thing that bothers me a little out of the way before I start telling you that everything else on this CD is sick as hell! It’s the sound. It feels like somehow they recorded something too loud and now there is white noise over everything. Maybe that’s just something that is wrong with my copy of the CD or something but if not, that’s really not too cool – but at least something that can be overlooked or overheard. Besides that the sound is great. The guitars are not even close “smooth”. They just scratch the shit out of your ears, but in the best way possible. Not too much highs but not too much lows either. The drums are awesome. The base drum has enough punch but also enough depth to deliver every hit. The snare sounds a little loose but still as high as I like it. The cymbals sound cool. Nothing special there but nothing annoying either. The vocals are brutal in every way. Ultra guttural but with the feel of – no pun intended (this time) – sickness. It sounds like the vocalist was really sick and recorded the vocals and vomited some of his own blood afterwards.

The riffing is really an homage to DEVOURMENT. Such nice changes between slam and blast passages and then some mixing up and then some more slam with some extreme downtempo shit in between. You just gotta love that. It’s like listening to “Molesting The Decapitated” #2. And that’s not a bad thing. Surely people who hoped for some real originality won’t find it here. But everyone who has known SICK before this CD knew exactly what he could expect. Some songs are just really punching through everything and everyone. It feels like getting thrown back a few years when slam just started to flourish. There’s not too much I could tell you about the riffing and song structures that wouldn’t end with “it really feels like the old DEVOURMENT stuff”, so I’m not gonna do that. Instead I’m gonna tell you that there are some awesome as fuck samples on this CD. It’s your usual gory shit, but it just fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Overall you get a sick piece of music here. And thats all there is to it – it’s as sick as I hoped for and as sick as it can get.

My rating: 4.6/5

Song Recommendations:
-Witnessing Extreme Torture
-Cannibalistic Torment

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl


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