REVIEW: Incantation – Diabolical Conquest (REISSUE)

Incantation - Diabolical ConquestIncantation
Diabolical Conquest

(Hells Headbangers Records, 2013)
Genre: Death Metal

INCANTATION. What can I say. These guys have been around a long time. With their first demo coming out in 1990 and their latest album Vanquish In Vengeance” being released in 2012. Lets face it, they have seen it all, the birth of the 90’s Death Scene (this reviewers favourite years), the changes in music style, bands come and go, and new bands emerge with ever increasing new angles to the genre, and these guys are still here, still playing Death Metal for the masses, still cranking out albums and still playing every venue they get their hands on. Sure, they have had a lot of line up changes on the way. But they still remember who they are and what they live for!!! PURE DEATH METAL!!!!!

You may now be asking yourselves…why the fuck am I not reviewing “Vanquish In Vengeance” and why have i chosen to review “Diabolical Conquest”, INCANTATION‘s 1998 release album? Well, I can give you two answers, 1) Without a doubt, this is INCANTATIONs best album by far, a masterpiece, and for all the younger fans who visit this site and don’t know of this, they should. 2) Hells Headbangers have just released an awesome re-issue of this album on double Vinyl and it looks great, but more about that later, lets start with the album itself.

The first thing you notice when you put this on and “Impending Diabolical Conquest” comes blasting out of your speakers like a war raging inside, is that you know your in for a great ride. With blastbeats which only the Old School Death Metal provided, “Diabolical Conquest” is a force not to be reckoned with. The guttural screams of Daniel Corchado, tempo changes all over the place, tremolo riffs, you know that these guys are serious. Now, changing tempo rapidly in songs by any band is hard. Don’t believe me, ask them, especially when your doing 20 in the space of 5mins, but these guys do it seamlessly and gives the listener feelings of War (fast) and the impending Doom that awaits (slow). The bass, also played by vocalist Daniel Corchado, comes pounding out with a groove in places. Drummer, Kyle Severn, pounds the shit out of his kit giving them an almost ceremonial tone. Guitar riffage handled by John McEntee, ploughs through each track, switching tempos, tremolo riffs to down doomy and making this 3 man unit sound like a demonic army on its way to destroy mankind, and if music was a weapon, 1998 would of been the apocalypse!! This 3 man unit works well… very well. I know that when people say INCANTATION, people also think Craig Pillard, and yes, I agree, one of the top 5 genre vocalists without a doubt, but, Daniel Corchado is so good on this album, I don’t think the album would of been right without him. The production value is better than previous albums which contain their usual swampy guitar sound!!

Now the reissue, Hells Headbangers have done a great job with this release, 12″ Gatefold Double Vinyl release which contains a poster of the album artwork. It comes in a choice of black or coloured vinyl with a laser etching on the D side.

If you fancy spending an afternoon being dragged into a war, being killed slowly to then have your corpse dug up for a demonic ceremony, this is the album to buy!!

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Written by: Marc Chambers


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