DEVOUR THE UNBORN announces label change

Devour The Unborn ad headerAfter working together with Ossuary Industries over the last year and a half DEVOUR THE UNBORN have decided to move on and pick a new label for their second release.

The band adds: “We would like to thank Brian Ferrel for all the work he put into releasing our first album and believing in our demo, nothing but respect, but we are a different band with different ambition than we were a year and a half ago, and we feel this is what is best for DTU and wish OI all the best for the future.

Therefore we are eager to share with the world at large that our new label shall be Morbid Generation based out of Germany, a growing brutal label in it’s own right, we have nothing but faith in MG‘s capability’s to help us spread our slams and take it to the next level!”

DEVOUR THE UNBORN will hit the studio in April to record their second album “Meconium Pestilent Abomination” (a brutal assault of guttural TXDM beastly slams) and aim for a early June release, in time for their summer tour with HABITUAL DEFILEMENT.

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