REVIEW: Devour the Unborn – Consuming the Morgue Remains

Devour the Unborn - Consuming the Morgue RemainsDevour the Unborn
Consuming the Morgue Remains
(Ossuary Industries, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

The frontcover and the name of the songs don’t allow doubts in the listener. After pressing the play, the musical structure, the guitar riffs, the monstrous vocal and the great drum work make sure the conclusion: we are before another great exponent of the good harvest of slam BDM currently emerged in USA. This CD is the first record of these guys, except for a promo-demo released in 2011. The team that recorded this CD is the following: Diego Fanelli (vox), Larry Overstreet (guitars/bass) and Joseph Carrillo (drums). Consulting MetalArchives, I saw that this line-up is slightly different today: the vocalist was replaced by Marco Rivera and the bass is now in the hands of Eli Galindo, who was not involved in the recording sessions.

Independently of this change, the fact is that if DEVOUR THE UNBORN continue producing extreme metal with this same quality, nobody will have any complaints. And this I say with 100% certainty, since this CD is as killer as a rottweiler chewing your throat. As would be expected in a band of this genre, in 80% of the time they invest in more cadenced rhythms, prioritizing the weight instead of speed. Such expedient combines perfectly with the “pig slaughter” vocals that permeates the entire recording, which guarantees a certain air of fun to the compositions.

But don’t misunderstand me: everything here is absolutely atrocious, aggressive and invariably extreme and intolerable to non-schooled ears. Therefore, positive point to the band. Another detail that pleased me greatly over the hearing was the fact that the method of composition – despite repeated throughout all tracks – was not tiring in no time. This means that the band is competent to captivate the listener and not let his attention be dispersed throughout the CD. Maybe a little more speed along the tracks would make it even more dynamic and functional than it already is. However, the guys might prefer to keep things as they are to preserve the “slam style” of DEVOUR THE UNBORN. The homogeneity of the CD recommends no indication of highlights, however, “Womb Full of Maggots” and “Slaughtermorgue” were played to exhaustion. Great option for listening in the car on holidays, or starting a moshpit in the living room!

Score: 8,5/10.

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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