REVIEW: Expurgate – Dementia Tremens

Expurgate - Dementia TremensExpurgate
Dementia Tremens
(Comatose Music, 2013)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

I have the pleasure of getting this release before everyone else does, and that’s always awesome. So first of all huge thanks to EXPURGATE and also to Johan here on Guttural Death for forwarding it to me.

I’ve known EXPURGATE for quite a while now, basicly since their first demo was out and it already was great material. With “Dementia Tremens” the 4 guys from Denver really kicked that whole thing up a notch. Faster, better production, fatter slams and sicker vocals. This release sounds sick from the first minute until the last riff finishes. Thats how this shit should be.

Let’s get into the sound first before I start with the songs overall. The sound is more than satisfying. The guitars are tight with enough attack and low end to them to fuck your head. The bass is loud enough to be recognized but doesn’t ruin the guitar sound, great! Now for the drums. The drums are yummi. I actually don’t know if the sound is just so good or if that’s a drum computer. It fits perfect with everything else. A little overcompression for the perfect punch but enough attack to stand out in the mix and thats how it’s fucking done. The vocals are awesome although there are some death metal-ish passages that didn’t really fit into the song. The songs would have worked better with just guttural vocals. No harm done but I think it would have made it even sicker.

The songs are sick and well written and structured, some awesome groove passages followed by some great blast beat riffs. It’s just fun to listen to. Not too simple but not too complex either, a really good mix of groove, chill and in-your-face passages. If you’re just a fan of fast paced brutal death metal you should listen to a few songs before you buy it because there are some slower passages to take a breath or two. The songs never dissapoint and really feel natural in any aspect, soundwise, productionwise and just the whole structure and execution. Nothing feels artificial or forced but much more played with a smile on each musicians face. This is actually an album that brings the feeling of joy because what you hear is just so good. However there aren’t too many memorable passages that really made a song outstanding so you would go back to it after the album is finished, but with such an overall quality that’s not even a bad thing because every song just feels right. Here and there are some passages that can be stuck in ones mind I guess but overall everything is just at the same level and thats a great thing when every song is on a high level itself.

This is a great release by a great band. What more could slam fans wish for?

My Rating 4.6/5

I can’t give this release a 5/5 because the overall level is high – but not perfect.

Song Recommendations:
-Disgorging Vomitious Anomalies
-Fermented Concubine Ingurgitation

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl

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