REVIEW: Aborted Fetus – Goresoaked Clinical Accidents (Reissue)

Aborted Fetus - Goresoaked Clinical AccidentsAborted Fetus
Goresoaked Clinical Accidents (Reissue)
(Sevared Records, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

This reissue was released 2012 and I actually didn’t know they were about to make a reissue so that was a pleasent surprise to say the least. ABORTED FETUS is a 3-Piece Brutal Death metal band from Russia and they have some sick shit to offer! I really loved the previous release and listened to it for quite a while and really started to get into their particular style. The album contains 8 tracks in about 22 minutes. Thats not too much for an album with the lack of one particular thing but I’m gonna get into that a little later.

The sound is great and can surely hold up with other new releases, but that’s probably exactly what you want with a reissue. The guitars sound nice and clean with some good harsh riffing and a lot of attack in the mix. Here and there are some flaws but they aren’t too obvious so if you don’t really try listen to the guitar sound in particular you probably won’t notice them. The drum sound is awesome. It’s the perfect mixture between rough and professional recording. The snare sound is pretty great and has this “tin-can” feeling to it, but with the difference that the sound is deeper than the usual tin-can sound. I actually couldn’t really find the bass line in the songs or they sounded too much like the guitars but there’s no harm done because the slamming passages are pretty decent already. The vocals are nothing special but not bad. There is nothing you haven’t heard before but they fit really good into the musical surroudings.

The riffing and song structures overall are solid and give you a nice variety of styles. But there is one thing that actually bothers me with this release. There are no riffs that I really feel forced to go back to. It all sounds great and its definitly an album to listen to a lot if you like that style but there are just no moments where I get that “fuck yeah” or “wow” feeling. Maybe thats just me but I feel that there overall is a lack of those passages that just get in your head and stay there for a good while.

What you get is a good reissue of a solid album with improved sound and clarity. If you liked the original album this definitly is something you’ll like. For everyone else I would recommend checking out some songs on Youtube to know if thats your style or not. I’m afraid that this release really went under everyones radar with such an amount of awesome CD’s that were released in 2012. Nevertheless, solid reissue with some great riffing and good sound!

My Rating: 3.7/5

Song Recommendations:
It’s really hard to pick out some songs because they all really float at the same level. So just go on youtube and listen to some tracks!

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Written by: Johannes Schmailzl

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