REVIEW: Terrordrome – The Day of Sacrilege

Terrordrome - The Day of SacrilegeTerrordrome
The Day of Sacrilege
(Grindethic Records, 2012)
Genre: Death Metal

Inverting the natural order of things, I’ll start with the conclusion: this album is absolutely fantastic! I’ll explain why: Probably the reader has already heard somewhere else that TERRORDROME changed their musical direction. This is true. However, at least in my ears, the modification was for better. Those who remembers “Vehement Convulsion” (2008) know that these dudes were famous for performing a style quite different from what was done on this release. In fact, the typical orthodox BDM (with grindcore influences) executed once back in 2008 gave way to a much more varied and interesting kind of music, which can easily be described as a hybrid of Tech-Progressive Death Metal and our beloved (and traditional) BDM.

But will most radical fans not like this change? Indeed! Does it matter? Obviously not! Unless the reader is so retarded and closed-headed to think that bands must always do what he (the fan) expects to hear. But no! Each band goes his own way and as long as the music is honest, nobody has the right to complain (just do not hear it!). But let us return to the CD.

The line-up has not changed. Peter “Terror” Ouzounis (vox), Bill Stavrianidis (drums), Anestis Varitimiadis (bass) and Sakis Chatzitakis (guitars) remained as an absurdly cohesive BDM team and – admittedly – could provide a monstrous upgrade in the musical functionality of TERRORDROME. A warning is important: the guys did not follow the same progressive path of DECREPIT BIRTH, which began his career with a pure and orthodox BDM album and then modify its essence in favor of a more progressive sound. Instead, TERRORDROME preferred to enrich their musical roots, fact that makes the music perpetrated here a true nuclear assault of biblical proportions, where the technique always works in favor of the brutality, never in favor of a pointless musical masturbation. Thus, the listener can expect tons of aggressive riffs, drums at full speed and a terrorizing vocal work, all this very well escorted by the bass lines. I will not highlight any music because all tracks are very homogeneous. But I’ll highlight the master of the game: Sakis Chatzitakis (guitars). His guitar work is simply jaw-dropping!

Score: 9,0/10

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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