REVIEW: Internal Amputation – Slam Gang

Internal Amputation - Slam GangInternal Amputation
Slam Gang
(Alengka Management, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

The year is ending and Indonesia gives us another formation adept of the notorious and infamous Slam-BDM. By the way, everyone who follows the underground of the extreme music in the world – and in Asia in particular – know that Indonesia has a bio-reactor capable of producing in the laboratory dozens of these bands a day.

Jokes aside, Indonesia is a sort of Mecca of Slam-BDM. And lucky for the listener, the number of new bands does not argue against the quality of music that is produced on that country, as proves INTERNAL AMPUTATION. The cover illustration of this CD-Demo already prepares the listener for what comes carefully packaged in three songs by the band. And the manual has been read and re-read by the guys: The riffs are slow enough to justify the label, having (however) rapid parts that ensure functionality to the music produced and also the dynamics of the sound that explodes in speakers. The drums does not bring anything new. However, the pace cohesive adopted in marking ensures that at any moment the killer riffage be devoid of a consistent rear. The sound production is not perfect (of course), after all, this is a CD-Demo. But judging by this aspect, the sound quality is very nice and lets you listen to everything that happens in the music. I even got to hear the bass lines! And therefore I can say that the guy performs its function very well!

Finally, the vocals follow the traditional guttural school, not presenting any news. If you’re a fan of USBDM with deep roots in MEATHOOK, GUTTURAL SECRET, DEEDS OF FLESH and the like (as I am), you will surely love the work of these dudes. And more: you will hope they do not delay to record their first full-album. Very recommended stuff here guyz.

Score: 8/10.

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Written by: Antonio Jose Bresci

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