SckFormed sometime in October, 2005 as SICK, vocalist/guitarist Joel Marbo and Bassist Marco B, wrote out the first song called “Regurgitating Excrement Matter”. Later in January, guitarist Dennis Martinez joined the band, giving Joel a chance to leave the guitar and concentrate on the gutturals. Sometime in March that year, Adrian Lira joined the band as the drummer SICK was looking for. Now, two demos and an upcoming release later, Adrian is here to talk to us a little.

Hey man. How are you?

Sup man? Fucking great.  You?

I’m awesome, thank you. Alot of people compare you to DEVOURMENT. Is this something you strive for? Music wise?

*Laughter* No. We just try to play the heaviest and most brutal shit we can play. We never try to sound like anyone else, even though DEVOURMENT is one of our main influences.

What bands do you listen to yourself and what bands give you inspiration?

I listen to bands like CINERARY, DEVOURMENT, ARTERY ERUPTION, RETCH, SUFFOCATION, DEHUMANIZED, VULVECTOMY, WACO JESUS, MESHIHA, BRODEQUIN, INDECENT EXCISION, etc. I guess we all have bands that inspire us individually. Mine would be the ones I named.

SickYou have only two demos (“Exsanguination Through Mutilation” and “Promo 2011”) out, but seeing your shirts on people all around the world, I could easily say that you’re huge pretty much everywhere (I personally listen to you almost every day). What’s the secret to your success?

Damn, thanks man! I have no idea. *Laughter* We hardly practice and we don’t even have a lot of songs but people still support us like crazy. I guess it’s the love of the music and the fans that keep us going.

How does the future look now? Maybe a new album? Maybe some touring? If so, what about us Europeans? Is there any chance for a tour over here?

Yes, we plan on recording a full length sometime next year or maybe even early 2014. We recently played two shows in Europe in September and it was amazing and we would love to go back again soon!.

The two demos from 2007 and 2011 were self-released. How come you settled with Permeated Records for “Cannibalistic Torment”? How did you get in touch with them, and were there any other labels interested?

Yeah, we got a lot of offers from labels but we were never really interested in being signed to a label. It was in 2011 when we felt it was time for us to be signed. Stefan (Slamdaddy) who runs Permeated Records reached out to us and made us an offer and I am glad he did. It’s a great label with great people.

SICK - Cannibalistic TormentLooking through the track list of “Cannibalistic Torment”, I see you’ve combined the tracks from “Exsanguination Through Mutilation” and “Promo 2011”. Is this gonna be a compilation release, kind of like DEVOURMENTS “1.3.8”?

I guess you can say that in a way, but we have re-recorded the three songs of the “2011 promo” and two songs from the “Exsanguination through Mutilaton” demo.

So the three last tracks are taken directly from 2007 “Exsanguination Through Mutilation” self-release, are these new recordings of “Witnessing Extreme Torture” and “Eviscerating The Corpulent”?

Yes they are re recorded, and it will also include those songs in their orginal version from the 2007 demo as bonus tracks.

What, do you feel, are the biggest obstacles for SICK?

Maybe just our life and work schedule that prevent us from practicing, traveling, or writing. But we do hope to work around that and write new songs for the full length really soon.

Any last words for the readers?

Thank you for the never ending support. Hope you enjoy the new EP.

Thank you very much for you time.

No problem man. Thank you.

Written by: Johan Kerrighen

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