VISCERAL DISGORGE needs new drummer!

Visceral DisgorgeCurrent VISCERAL DISGORGE drummer can no longer play with us live after January. Which means VISCERAL DISGORGE will not be playing live or writing untill this issue is resolved. They may end up moving out of their studio rehearsal space due to the rent increasing after he leaves. That doesn’t give them very long to find a worthy replacement. VISCERAL DISGORGE will keep their commitment to live performances untill he leaves, and they will be holding auditions at Orion studios in Baltimore, Md.

Visceral Disgorge drummerApplicants feel free to contact them ASAP ( Be sure to include as much info about yourself and your abilities as possible. *IDEALLY they are looking for someone who lives in the area (Md,Dc,Va,Pa) who will not be too inconvenienced with traveling to rehearsal* So come on! Help them to spread this message.

VISCERAL DISGORGE thanks you guys for all the support! Hopefully this doesnt set them back too far.

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