NEUROGENIC signs with Comatose Music


Comatose Music and NEUROGENIC have teamed up to bring you what will certainly be one of the most devastating brutal death metal releases of 2013, and perhaps of all time! NEUROGENIC is a rising underground band with an elite international line-up. They were formed in early 2012 by guitarist Vlad Melnick (DEROGATION) of Russia. He soon recruited the superior drum skills of Marco Pitruzzella (BRAIN DRILL & ANOMALOUS) from the United States, and followed by adding Russian bassist Anton Zhikharev (BACK DOOR TO ASYLUM). While recording their two song demo entitled ‘Subdural Breeding’, vocalist Matteo Bazzanella (INDECENT EXCISION) from Italy joined to complete the band and solidify the line-up. The sole purpose of NEUROGENIC is to create blistering, hyper-speed, guttural death metal in vein of PUTRIDITY, DISGORGE, BRODEQUIN and CEREBRAL EFFUSION. They are currently writing for a full length which is planned to be released in late 2013.

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