Artwork for PROJECTILE VOMIT debut!!

Projectile Vomit bandThe cover artwork for PROJECTILE VOMIT‘s debut release “Dismembering the Sick”. The artwork has been done by Belarus artist Andrey Kroms. Definitely not a stranger to the scene, Andrey Kroms’s work has been picked by bands such as; RAZORRPAE, ENGORGEMENT, BOWEL STEW, CUMBEAST and KRAANIUM.

Arvin, bass player for PROJECTILE VOMIT commented “I’ve known Andrey for some time…since my early Myspace days and we have remained friends ever since. He has always done work for many bands and some of the best Filipino bands including PERVERSE MOLESTATION and SAGRADO. His style and ideas perfectly fit in with our musical style and lyrical content…. We are working on the album and recording will start early next year….and I promise you all, it will be killer”

“Dismembering the Sick” will be released by Wretched Decay Records early 2013.

Projectile Vomit - Dismembering the Sick

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