REVIEW: Devour the Fetus – Promo 2012

Devour the Fetus
Promo 2012

(Self-released/independent, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind

I would have loved to know what the sample in the beginning of the song Anti-wrinkle cream actually says, but since I don’t speak frog-eater I guess my ignorance will be unrewarded. I have one major problem with this promo, I hear no bass! Or at least extremely little of it, and bass is to me (I’m a four-string fanatic myself) of massive importance when listening to brutal shit, brutal music without it is like a woman not realizing her place in life as a cumdumpster, pretty fucking useless.

Don’t take me wrong, there’s some good stuff on this three-song promo, and with a bit of studio engineering it could go a great way towards the almighty cunt-opening heights of fun-loving music.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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