Rising Nemesis Records announces the signing of PIGHEAD

Rising Nemesis Records is very proud to announce the signing of Berlins brutal death machine PIGHEAD, who are now a part of the RNR rooster. Evidentiary in hardship and brutality PIGHEAD reached just in a few years the german death metal underground olymp. Right now the band is working on new material for their highly anticipated third follow up to PIGHEAD’s “Rotten Body Reanimation”. PIGHEAD played not just in Germany live shows, more over they destroyed stages across Europe, Russia, Israel and a lot of festivals and open air with their catchy live performance.

The estimated release-date for the sofar untitled full length record is the end of the third quarter of 2013. To abbreviate the dead time for this brutal death metal monster there will be an online 3-track-promo in about a quarter year.

Moreover there will be soon brand new hight quality merchandise which you can grap at the RNR online store or at PIGHEAD concerts.

RNR is really looking forward to this collaboration with this talented and motivated band and the year 2013. Further in spring there will be released ACRANIUS‘ full length record which suggest RNR the title “Quality in Brutality”.

Denny Hahnke from PIGHEAD annotate the deal:

“We are just happy to found such a great partner for the future and we will do our best to satisfy the expectations. At the moment we are working hard to create a massive beast of music and can’t wait to release it.”

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