REVIEW: Festering Remains – Stabbed Beyond All Recognition

Festering Remains
Stabbed Beyond All Recognition
(Self-released/independent, 2012)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

So a two-piece brutal death band from Umeå, Sweden playing what I would call some fucked up version of brutal old school Swedish death metal, imagine DISMEMBER with more of an American style of vocals.

To be honest I like it, it is not as brutal as some of the stuff I am used to but I still revere the good old stuff like it is some kind of perverted deity. The music is all in familiar territory as are the riffs, I would have loved some more really brutal parts but hey, that’s me and I am fucking damaged. The vocals are great ranging from some kind of Corpsegrinder-esque sounding stuff to more brutal guttural stuff at times as well as some more traditional Swedish old school stuff. The cover sounds like it could have been done by Swedish death maestros AEON, to me that’s a compliment.

The old school influences give the songs some groove which I feel is lacking in most brutal stuff nowadays, but I think that this groove is also making the songs seem a bit too similar. And that’s where this falls apart a bit to me, the songs are not that memorable once you turn it off.

I have come to understand that these guys are just teens, which is really cool, they have a great career ahead of them if they keep this up. The EP is not a masterpiece but it’s a start. Coming from this we can look forward to some nice brutal stuff in the future I hope.

And all hillbillies are fucking deformed.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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