REVIEWS: Heinous Killings – Hung with Barbwire

Heinous Killings
Hung with Barbwire

(Unmatched Brutality Records, 2006)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

La la la la. This totally sickeningly brutal record has an intro that gets my neckhairs to rise like a penis in the morning.

Using kids singing combined with comentaries about the Demayo familys demise in the now classical Amityville slaughter is ace. First song Possessed to Kill starts the brutal pummeling into the carnal abyss, fast drumming and all out brutal riffs are not everything. The voice.. Fuck it! The voice of Joe Wolfe is the voice of thousands of decaying slaughterhouse victims. Take the sound of a chainsaw churning through thick thighbones, drive it through a distpedal and chop it up with rusty meatcleavers and you’ll be pretty close.

Heinous killings might have started out as a solo effort, Mr. Wolfe playing all the instruments on the recording, but now he has gathered members to play this live. I’ve been listening to extreme music for close to 18 years now, and albums like this are rarities in my opinion. There is no compromise here, it’s just plain brutality for 28 minutes straight. There isn’t much originality here though. There’s no such thing as solos. There’s not a single instrumentally technical bit and I don’t see a place for it either. Sometimes less is more.

“No frills, chunky, slam oriented, guttural Death Metal” Released in 2006 through Unmatched Brutality Records.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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