REVIEW: The Berzerker – Dissimulate

The Berzerker

(Earache Records, 2002)
Genre: Industrial Death Metal/Grindcore

Australian extreme industrial deathgrindmasters The Berzerker have in this release created a monster uncontested for years to come. Sure it’s not as brutal as it might have been but just fucking listen to those inhuman speeds at which it is recorded. When this album was released these guys were unrivalled in ferocity and extremity. Building melodies using percussions isn’t a new theme, but doing it at these BPM:s with only one batterist is freaky.

Since Luke (frontman/singer) is a huge fan of Carcass, The berzerker have alot of influences there. Lyrically and melodically they are quite the same but The Berzerker go one step beyond their oldschool grind teachers. No more ranting about the speed now, the rest is equally insane, the vocals are a mix of low and high pitched growls and shrieks. Guitars and bass all sound like an sanatorium on amphetamine.

This is one of the bands best releases since the following albums so far have had a slower aproach to the riffs. However, I think this album should have a bigger impact in a couple of years.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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