REVIEW: Splattered Mermaids – Stench of Flesh

Splattered Mermaids
Stench of Flesh

(Bizarre Leprous Productions, 2008)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Shit. This is great! That’s my first reaction, and quite frankly I’m not disappointed as the record keeps spinning. Brutal groove Deathgrind? Well, take the best parts of Pantera and run it through some brutal Death catacombs. Add the vocals of Johan Bergström (Havok) and let it rip. I love groovy jump up and down metal, and this fits the bill nicely. However, make no mistake. This is straight up Death with exceptionally catchy songs. The band is made up of the above mentioned Mr. Bergström aswell as the guitars of Johan Hallberg, the drums of Martin Schönherr (Virgin Sin, Deranged) and bass by Martin Eklöv (session bassist for Visceral Bleeding) making it sort of an all-star line-up.

The musical delivery is made better with a good production, the lack of solos doesn’t really hurt either. What do hurt, though, is the similarity between songs. It’s hard to single out certain songs from each other. The last song on the album “Restless Dreams of Atrocity” opens with a melody that reminds me alot of Dismember. The song is instrumental and a nice finish to such an album. Opener “Face laceration” does what it says, and follower the title track “Stench of Flesh” keeps the steamroller going opening directly after the first song. The album just keeps this up to the last track without letting up before it. The groovy parts sometimes resemble breakdowns but sound so much better.

To sum it up, I now know what’s joining Decrepit Birth on the 2008 “Best-of” list.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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