REVIEW: Origin – Antithesis


(Relapse Records, 2008)
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

We all know what to expect when Kansas based Origin releases new material, high-tech brutal death at breakneck speeds. They sure don’t disappoint either, this is just what the doctor ordered, a brutal slaughter of the competition. This album takes the Origin sound of yore and sends it travelling at hyperspeed a couple of lightyears ahead. Origin have an allstar cavalcade of talent in their ranks, one of them is Paul Ryan, Death Metal guitarrist extraordinaire, his colleague Jeremy Turner (Unmerciful, ex-Cannibal Corpse) ain’t half bad either. These two combined create the insane riffs, melodies and fucking fantastic solos that make Origin sound like Origin. Vocalist James Lee (Vile) has one hell of a voice switching between high and low lightning fast, the vocal melodies are spot on.

The rest of the guys speak pretty much for themselves, Mike Flores (Gorgasm) and John Longstreth (The Red Chord, Skinless, Angelcorpse, Possession, Exhumed, Dim mak) who play bass and drums respectively, and admirably I must say.

On to the record then, opener ‘The Aftermath’ sets the bar, this is not what I expeced at all, this is way better than my pretty high expectations were set at. And it just keeps going, none of the songs are bad or even mediocre. They just slay and maim everything. From the starting point to the end at 42 minutes and 10 seconds Antithesis never lets you go up for air at all. It drowns you with perfect instrumental and vocal work. Why don’t other bands even try to sound as good as these guys do?

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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