REVIEW: Nocturnus – The Key

The Key

(Earache Records, 1990)
Genre: Death Metal

This 1990 offering by the Florida based technical atmospheric death band was recomended to me by a friend in the States. I have to say I love the totally insane mix of technicality and atmosphere created by great guitars and a keyboard, making the instruments collaborate in this way is awesome. This might be the first death band to mix the instruments in this way. The sound of the record is pretty raw, a better production might have helped a bit but this was created in the early nineties so it’s forgiveable. By the sound of this Nocturnus could have become something had they not broken up. Nocturnus released two more full-lenghts, an EP and a Best of/Compilation after this one before finally calling it quits in 2002.

This album is an often overlooked classic and should get some sort of cult status with deathheads over the world. Atleast it deserves some recognition for what it is – An awesome album.


Written by: Dennis Östlund

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