REVIEW: Lost Soul – Chaostream

Lost Soul

(Empire/Wicked World/Earache, 2005)
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Poland usually offers up great Death bands, this however made me wonder. Chaostream is generic Death Metal without many if any surprises. Not extremely brutal or extremely technical. This album just walks a line inbetween everything. Gifted with a good production and mixing fast and slow tempos it still gets quite boring after a while. I havent been able to find a single memorable song on the album so far. It will get some more spins though. It’s not a bad album, just a little plain and uninspiring.

Chaostream could be a release by any band in the genre, sadly I must say, since the musicians are all good and do what they are supposed to.

Links: Facebook | Reverbnation

Written by: Dennis Östlund

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