REVIEW: Krisiun – Southern Storm

Southern Storm

(Century Media Records, 2008)
Genre: Death Metal

So what came first – Vader or Krisiun? Well, the polish Deathsters actually preceeds these southerners by seven years, it’s not that noticeable on this album though. That’s right, they could just as easily have been the same band, it#39s so alike to me. Ok, so it’s a tad bit faster perhaps but I just couldn’t shake that feeling of Vaderism anyway. So, how does it rate? Well, Vader is in no way a horrible band to sound like, it’s a good grade actually. But, and there will always be this little but, I myself mostly want a band to add something with their work and as this sounds to much like another well-known band it will make the grade drop a bit.

But in no way will it drop much. It’s still full of gems and a very nice cover of Sepulturas Refuse/resist. Being a trio creates some problems musically, you can’t really play any solos on the guitar without loosing the bottom, meaning that once you go for wanking the oomph will go away and you’re left with an empty void (mostly). To avoid this you play none or few solos, this then creates another problem for those who wants that sort of thing in their music. But then again brutal death metal isn’t exactly known for subtle things like that, is it?

This is a good record. It isn’t something I notice when playing it in a playlist but when singled out it makes my day shine.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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