REVIEW: Gelgamesh – Last Breath of the Dying One

Last Breath of the Dying One

(Despise the Sun Records, 2008)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Indonesian Brutal Death sounding like every other Brutal Death band out there, this was something of a disappointment to me. The demos sure did sound alot more inspired and even had some foreign sounding melodies on them but this is a straight up rip-off of American brutality. It’s sad really, since the musicians really know what they’re doing. They just don’t do anything with their skills. We get the obligatory sampled movie intros with female screams and sounds of chainsaws etc, combined with run of the mill riffing and drumming. To this we add a vocalist with not so much a personality in his vox but just the same stuff we come to love from other brutal bands. Lets be honest, there’s nothing new about this, and there probably don’t need to be either, but it would be nice to get surprised once in a while.

It’s a brutal record but sadly that is all it is. A bit more imagination would have given it the edge it needs.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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