REVIEW: Decrepit Birth – Diminishing Between Worlds

Decrepit Birth
Diminishing Between Worlds

(Unique Leader, 2008)
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Reviewing an album such as this is no easy task. This album was released in early ’08 and is already one of this years absolutely best releases, I haven’t grown tired of it even after having listened to it for atleast 50 times – it’s THAT good.

This the second full-length by the California based Decrepit Birth is also their most technichal one. Given it’s a big step up and away from the full-length debut of the 2003 “….And Time Begins”. The guitars are used to the max, so also are the blasting rythm sections relentless assault of the eardrums. The album has an incredible groove and an inhuman flow to it.
Here brutality and technicality shares the space, with both influences being allowed to shine in equal amounts, in perfect harmony. Despite being musically over the top there’s surprisingly little spasticity. This makes for an comfortable listening experience. Every passage is wonderfully composed and orchestrated to fit in with previous and coming parts, the soloing is tastefully executed and fits very well with the overall sound of the album.

The relationship between the five individual instruments (vocals are instruments too) and the way they work together will put this album on alot of “Best of ’08” lists. Decrepit Birth shows us that brutal technical death metal doesn’t have to be difficult to listen to. If you like death metal this is a must.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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