REVIEW: Death Heaven – Viral Apocalypse

Death Heaven
Viral Apocalypse

(Punishment 18 Records, 2007)
Genre: Death Metal

Hailing from Italy, these Deathsters released this their debut full-length in 2007, the album starts off with a lengthy intro including information spoken by an altered female voice, which ends with a Strapping Young Lad kind of instrumental attack. This gives it an overproduced vibe from the get-go. Utilizing every electronic device available and OK:ed by the Death community the album is ram-packed with synths and samples. With a singer somewhat reminiscent of Piotr from Vader in his vocal work, Death Heaven are in good hands.
A bad note is that they try so hard to do everything at once. This means that the sound spins off into every different direction making the album sound like a schizophrenic creation. In the guitar section there are some clear tech Death vibes, but not as extreme as Decrepit Births latest offering, these are somewhat slower but they really add to the flavour (the rotten female pornzombies with male ejaculation all over them flavour that is). I would describe the overall sound as a mix between Vader and Behemoth I guess, with a bit more samples thrown in for good meassure.
Perfect subtle layers of different instruments playing beutiful harmonic and brutal parts gives the album some much appreciated atmosphere. This is something I feel is lacking in modern Death Metal and should be used more often. It’s full of horrible harmony and beautiful brutality at the same time, this is made perfect by perfect utilization of the guitars in the mix.
Track number five (Inner Reflections) delivered a huge surprise in the form of acoustics… nice. To sum it up, it’s a good album standing tall in an overcrowded running field of massproduced BS.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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