REVIEW: Cephalectomy – The Dream Cycle Mythos

The Dream Cycle Mythos

(Discorporate Music, 2008)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Grind

Well, 20 minutes plus worth of insane tech Deathgrind brutality in one song, that sums it up pretty much. But there’s lots more to it aswell. The riffing is absolutely insane with tempochanges and melodic diversity all around. Admittedly the drum machine could have sounded better but it’s nothing I’m goina to hold a grudge for. This is psychotic playfulness in its extreme. I just love how Cephalectomy combines every single kind of extreme music and make it work this well. The electronic stuff at about six minutes in are just ace at cooling off the tempo without loosing anything, it’s also a great atmosphere creator.

Cephalectomy have released two earlier full-lengths which I will check out as soon as possible. This stuff just begs to be worshipped.

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Written by: Dennis Östlund

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