LIVE REVIEW: Kraanium 22/04/10

Filthy Charity, Kill the Parish, Remasculate & Kraanium

PLACE: Broder Tuck, Stockholm, Sweden
DATE: 22 April 2010

kraanium_groupFILTHY CHARITY (Fra) is the first band that steps up on to the stage and they really showed me where the cabinet will stand in it’s genre. The French surprised me very much during the beginning of tonight’s show. The fun part of the band FILTHY CHARITY was that they really could play cruel grindcore!

They had a sound that reminded me of NASUM, they also revealed a brutal energy of their French feet. Nobody out of the band members sat / stood still in their first show, in Sweden. If I should take and rate these guys, I would give them seven points out of ten.

KILL THE PARISH (Swe) is a band that many young people are talking about on the streets of Stockholm, but I don’t understand why? They were unfortunately not my taste out of the cake. Better luck next time…

And REMASCULATE (Swe)… Here we have a band that also knows how to run the show! Swedish REMASCULATE is a band that I have seen many times late at Stockholm concerts, and few people will be disappointed after a REMASCULATE gig. I’m still a man who always appreciates brutal death metal that comes from Stockholm! The grade on the show these boys’ put up will be eight out of ten.

And, of course, KRAANIUM (Nor). Late into the night steps Norwegian KRAANIUM up on the small stage, and run a quick soundcheck. The small sea out of people are waiting patiently to hear some awsome slam & death music. After a while, the lights of the basement room turns off and from all of the speakers people are starting to hear long and brutal movie quotes from “Devils rejects”.

When the sound out of the movie quotes was finished something else starts too burst out of the speakers. The sound came from KRAANIUM that has started to play at full speed. During the first few seconds, people begin to mosh around and jump like crazy. It is a good sign during a brutal death metal gig. Nothing was wrong in their appearance, I thought that everything was prefect. Ten out of ten!

During the evening, KRAANIUM played these songs:
0. Intro
1. Severed stump fistfuck
2. Perverted sensation
3. To fuck the dead
4. Stench of putrid innards
5. Reverse abortion
6. Diarrhea induced gag reflex
7. Coversong: Abominable putridity “entrails full of vermin”
8. Midgetfucker
9. Masturbation with fermented entrails
10. Necrophilic butchery
11. Pleasure thorugh horrensous torture
12. Double barrel penetration

Written by: “Ed Gein”

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