Godphobia, Caliber 666 & Desultory

PLACE: Tantogården, Stockholm, Sweden
DATE: 28 September, 2008

desultory_groupDESULTORY haven’t played in fourteen years. That didn’t show. They were playing like if they had played live in fourteen years without a break, it was awesome! I was really excited to see what they had to offer the audience, and damn… you should have seen the moshing! It was a kickass gig. I’m really happy that I didn’t miss this one.

When they said that the next song was going to be “Winter” I was thinking that It would suck, because that’s the song I like the least with them. But when they started playing it was like something forced me to headbang, because it was so fucking heavy and the audience was moshing!

DESULTORY is probably one of the most memory full bands I’ll ever see… Fucking great!

Written by: Ari Kuorilehto

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